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George Mortensen
Author, Restaurateur and Intermittent Blogger

Hello and welcome! 

Before anyone gets upset and unleashes the guardians of political correctness upon me, let me explain the purpose of this site and the reason behind its name.

For the uninitiated, the term "Squarehead" is a reference to the stoic, stubborn nature of some people of Scandinavian ancestry.  Its use is never meant to denigrate or imply anything malicious. It is, in fact, an affectionate term that speaks to what many consider to be the best qualities I inherited from my Viking background. (Throw in a large helping of Irish, a dash of Welsh and a pinch of Austrian to get a more complete picture of yours truly.)

In no way am I making a sweeping generalization of an entire group of folk, however, when describing the author of this site, this description is pretty much spot on.   As my family and friends will attest, I am stubborn, occasionally arrogant, but I am also loyal and do not suffer fools lightly even when I make one of myself.  (For those who do not know me, I do this quite often.)

That disposed of - now - to the purpose of this site.  It is not for vanity.  As is true of most sites, its purpose is to sell you something.  Although I recognize the value of filters for reducing spam email, great mortgage deals and Viagra to the sexually challenged, you will not see me making pitches for these items here. No, my intent is far more nefarious. 

I'm here to sell you my first book Group 4! 

Will it work?   Now, that's where the "Skeptical" part comes into the equation. 

Either way, thanks for stopping by and enjoy yourself while visiting!

Oh, and one other thing.  In the novel Group 4, truth in character demands the use of fairly graphic language.  If you are easily offended, may I suggest you simply click away. 

If you choose to read the teaser and are offended - As es la Vida!