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Top Ten Reasons to Buy
Group 4

I don't blame you for being well skeptical. Most people need a reason to buy anything. 

When it comes to the purchase of a book, this seems doubly true. Why are the items we read, no matter how important or trivial, important to those around us? Why do we all feel a need to study the book jacket or stare at the author's picture prior to purchasing his thoughts? Why do our personal libraries speak volumes about our lives?   Because what we choose to read or keep on our bookshelves are a tangible and true reflection of our thoughts and our dreams. They tell the world what interests us or whether we are interested at all.

Disagree?  What do you think of someone who says he never reads?  I rest my case.

With this in mind, I feel I need to give you a few additional reasons to add my book to your library. Hence the list below:

  1. It's a darn good story.  You won't be disappointed.

  2. Group 4 will introduce you to a world few have ever seen, one that no longer exists.

  3. It's short and taut, just the thing on your next flight to take your mind off your 300 lb flight mate.

  4. Just ask my editor Kevin Miller.
  5. Its footprint is small so it can act as the perfect filler for your bookshelf

  6. Its purchase won't embarrass you.

  7. The book price is somewhat reasonable.

  8. The book can also double as a nifty door stop or as a handy dandy fly swatter.

  9. You will forever have a place in an old woman's heart - my 87 year old mother.

  10. My brother will take 1% off his brokerage fee on the next commercial or real estate deal he handles for you in Atlanta.

  11. I'm asking nicely.

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