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Reviews of Group 4




Loved the book! Kane, Putnam Valley, NY
A fun read.  Can't wait to see the movie! J. Paddock, Atlanta, Ga.
It was okay, but then again you're my brother L. Jeffrey, McDonough, Ga.
I love it!  Your a genius! L. Jeffrey doesn't have a clue. B. Mortensen, Roswell, Ga. (twin brother)
George has the talent to spin a great tale from the industry in which we work that is mostly invisible to the mainstream.  E. Clements, Baltimore, Md. (Port Engineer - Maersk/Sealand)
Of all the novels I have worked on as editor, this is one of the best by far. If you're looking for a great story and a behind the scenes look at what life was like on board a transatlantic passenger ship in the 1960s, pick up a copy of this book. It is based on George's own experiences working on board such ships during his college years. Gritty and compelling. Kevin Miller, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Me and Kenny want to tell you that we think your book is wonderful and great. We seriously think you should think about making it into a movie. We both agree that we think it would make a great movie, really we do. Think about it. Your a talent that is great. Movie would be wonderful. Yo Yo and Kenny Rourke, Jupiter, Fl.
I truly enjoyed this book. Few books are able to draw you in and make you really care about the characters. This book had a ring of truth that let you feel for the heroes and hate the villains. As simplistic as that sounds, isn't that what we are looking for in a great book?  To be really interested and intrigued. Another great aspect of this book and the writer is that Mortensen takes you back in time. You feel that you are living that era and it helps to justify everything that the book is about. You say to yourself, this could really happen. Even in today's modern ship travel, you won't look at the operation of a ship the same. You'll look forward to Mortensen's next journey! Mark Broyles, Roswell, Ga.
Group Four grabs you and sucks you in! It is a fun fast read that is tough to put down.  There are parts that are hysterically funny, and parts that are sad and times when you are embarrassed for him and through the whole book you will root for him. It will make a great movie too. I'd love to tell you the ending - AH! You will have to read it. D. Morgan, Atlanta
Very interesting. Is that the way it really was? M. Fernandez, Southbury Ct